"… this look at ridiculous governmental anti-sex measures--particularly in the Lone Star State--is an amusing item that, one hopes, will someday soon make young viewers scratch their heads in amazement at the Bad Old Days described therein."
-- Variety

"... And no one will want to miss The Dildo Diaries, detailing the Texas Legislature's
amusing yet scary efforts to regulate the sex-toy industry."
-- DallasNews.com

"I found it an interesting choice to start out Sunday with a film called Dildo Diaries, but after watching it, I don't care when they show it as long as everyone on the planet sees it."
-- TexasTriangle.Com

Judy Wilder and Laura Barton



Winner Founder's Award 2003 OUTTAKES Dallas
Winner Mikey Award 2002 InsideOut Festival

Winner Equality Award 2003 HRC

Dildo Diaries

Molly Ivins, Carol Queen, Anton Michael, Annie Sprinkle
Members of the State of Texas Legislature

Produced and Directed by
Laura Barton and Judy Wilder, RoadTrip Productions


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"The best of the bunch, however, was The Dildo Diaries. Directors Laura Barton and Judy Wilder take a hilarious look at the recently overturned sodomy laws in Texas. Combining interviews with everyone from columnist Molly Ivins to former porn star Annie Sprinkle plus actual footage from the statehouse floor debate on the subject, these two good ole girls have come up with a side-spitting commentary on the ridiculousness of trying to legislate personal behavior."
--Film Festival Today

"[This] version... is a fast-moving 63 minutes. The film uncovers a chorus of objections to Texas sex laws, making use of interviews with legislators, porn stars, the curator of the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices in Minnesota, sex toy (oops, I mean educational toy) shop owners, and vagina enthusiast Annie Sprinkle... The film rarely strays far from its sense of the absurd, but even in its frivolity, Dildo Diaries raises important issues about the possible dangers of these laws..."
--- The Austin Chronicle, August 23, 2002

"Dildo Diaries This hilarious documentary shows just how backward the law of the land is in Texas, as state where dildos are illegal but concealed guns are not."

"Whether you're a dildo neophyte or a committed connoisseur, you'll find plenty to learn and laugh about with Dildo Diaries."
-- Washington, D.C.'s Metro Weekly
(Dildo Diaries was selected as Critic's Pick by Metro Weekly)

"This witty, sexy doc looks at the wacky world of our favorite piece of plastic, using the insanity that is Texas as its starting point. Latexians of all sexes should know that possessing five dildos there is okay, but getting caught with six is a felony."
-- Bright Lights Film Journal

"In this very funny 60-minute documentary about the overt backwardness of the Lone Star legislature, syndicated columnist Molly Ivins has a devilish time mocking the prudish penal code and those infamous obscenity laws."
--Washington City Paper